Production process
Viernes, 19 de Octubre de 2018 - 06:47 h
MANUFACTURING PROCESS The manufacturing process consists of Elite Cementos grinding of cement raw material components. Thus, the production process which gets its cement Elite Cementos has no clinkering phase. This involves the removal of any pollutant emission with negative influence on the greenhouse effect.

The raw materials used in the production process are clinker, limestone and gypsum. The clinker from imports from producing countries received the same sea. This clinker is discharged using the most environmentally advanced technology to minimize the environmental impact of the discharge. The clinker discharged into hoppers in the South Dock ecological Port sud de Dársena Castellón of Castellon, is transported by trucks to tight stockpiles have installed Elite Cementos on its plot. These two stockpiles, also known as domes, have self-contained filtration system ensures no dust emission to the outside.

The unloading of the trucks is done through a computer designed specifically for the management of clinker, which has its own filtration system. All other raw materials are received by truck and also downloaded in separate closed vessels.

The cement is made through a double ball mill chamber. Dosed to the raw material grinding mill and remains within the closed circuit comprising the mill, the dynamic separator and the main filter. The extraction of the product is produced by the depression generated by the primary filter, forcing the material to pass through the dynamic separator, which gives the particle size of the cement quality standards set.

The circuit is under production at any time to vacuum generated by a series of filters that ensure no dust emission to the outside.

Elite Cementos has two bi-cameral silos with total capacity of up to 20,000 tons, allowing it to have perfectly managed their stock cements.

The production process is completed with the issuance of either bulk cement or bagged; there is the possibility of issuing in big-bag.

For issue of bagged cement, Elite Cementos has a more modern lines that currently exist on the market: A line of 12 mouths, fully automated, allowing it to adapt to current market needs, with a system pallets pallet produced in accordance with the requirements of our clients (with or without pallet pallet), and size of bags 25, 35 or 50 kg.

The manufacturing process and dispatch of cement is controlled by a sophisticated system for PLC's handling of a fully automated manner throughout the facility.

The manufacturing process is monitored periodically by physicochemical analysis with the most advanced analytical equipment, both granulometric and chemical.

Elite Cementos. Outline of the production process of our plant.